N95 surgical masks are the gold standard for protection during the Covid pandemic. The KN95 non-surgical mask is considered an acceptable substitute by the CDC. These may not be comfortable for prolonged singing. Some masks you may wish to consider are presented below. Masks that …

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BCCO Fall 2021

Rehearsals:Mondays at 7pm (pacific time)beginning Sept 13, 2021 Performance:Yes! Date and format TBD, likely January Format: We will start the semester with virtual (Zoom) rehearsals. We fully intend to phase-in rehearsals at our usual venue, St. John’s Presbyterian Church, in a few weeks. The exact …

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Zoom software info

Check your Zoom software Helpful (but not absolutely required) is to have the most recent Zoom software. In particular, if your Zoom version is 5.3 or greater, it’s easier to self-select our sectional rooms when rehearsals break into groups.

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