How to Donate

BCCO basses

Voluntary contributions provide the support necessary for BCCO to perform 6 free concerts each year. We depend on and value the generosity of the community.

More than half of BCCO's $267,000 budget comes from donations made by members of the chorus, other individuals, and organizations; and from grants by the City of Berkeley and the Alameda County Arts Commission. Our budget would be far larger were it not for the hundreds of hours chorus volunteers devote to rehearsal and concert logistics, and to running BCCO. In short, we are a lean organization, without frills.

Donations and inquiries may be sent to:

Berkeley Community Chorus & Orchestra

P.O. Box 310
Berkeley, CA 94701-0310
Federal Tax Identification Number 94-2734159
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All contributions are tax deductible and are greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your support.