BCCO Outreach - The Chamber Singers




The Berkeley Community Chamber Singers (BCCS) is an a cappella group of 16–32 singers that serves as the outreach arm for BCCO. BCCS typically sings shorter pieces ranging from madrigals to gospel to pop songs and performs at such diverse venues as senior residences, hospitals, and a variety of community functions. BCCS will also present a concert for the general public in the spring of 2019. BCCS is led by BCCS Music Director Jason Sherbundy. Jason is BCCO’s accompanist from fall 2015 through present. Jason is widely sought after as both an accompanist and a conductor for many styles of music from classical to contemporary pop music.

The Chamber Singers meet on Tuesdays, 7:15 to 9:15 PM, at St. Alban's Church 1501 Washington Ave, Albany.

soprano alto tenor bass
Lin Clymer Barbara Conheim Ignacio Dayrit Stan Dewey
Madeleine Gordon Carol Davison Eloise Fox Bill Inwood
Lisa Nelbach Susan Jaffe Nikki Gage Kevin Mann
Janelle Noble Janice Murota Janet Hack George Martin
Melody Noll Ellen Rosenfield Joan King-Angell  Jarred Miyamoto-Mills
Patti Powers-Risius Emmy Sortor    
 Christine Priere Dan-Ching Young    

For more information please contact:
Berkeley Community Chorus & Orchestra, 510-433-9599,
or [email us] (Please select the "Chamber Singers" category)