BCCO Spring 2021 Members Registration

This page is for BCCO members only.

Guests should visit this page to register. (thank you)

After submitting your registration form above, any payment can be made as follows.

Mail a Check:

If you would like to mail a check for your tuition and/or donation, please make it payable to "BCCO" Our mailing address is: BCCO, PO Box 310, Berkeley, CA 94701-0310

Pay Online:

To make a registration payment or donation online via credit card: Please click this link. At that link, you enter an amount of money that the page labels "donation", but please enter whatever combination of tuition fee and/or donation suits your situation. If you are registering for the fall, please enter at least $80+30 = $110 to cover tuition and vocal scores. You are welcome to enter a larger amount if you'd like to add a donation. If you are taking a Covid Leave (not joining the Zoom sessions) but would like to make a donation to BCCO, please simply enter the amount of your gift. Thank you!