Arlene Sagan Obituary

ARLENE SAGAN, 1928-2012

Arlene Sagan
Arlene, conducting Poulenc's Gloria, Dec. 2005

Our long-time and well-loved former Music Director, Arlene Sagan, passed away on July 5, 2012 after a long illness.

Arlene devoted many years of her life to inspiring hundreds of people to make wonderful music together, while building the BCCO into the vibrant community resource it is today. Arlene generously shared her knowledge, creative energy, and joyful love of music with everyone who sang or played under her direction. Her special genius made an amazing difference in our lives, helping us understand not only the chords and musical structure of the great choral works but also to discover the deeper meaning that great music can convey. Her enthusiastic commitment to building a true community of singers, orchestral musicians and local composers will always be part of her legacy.

Arlene was an extraordinary person who lived her vision and contributed immeasurably to the community.