Berkeley Community Chorus & Orchestra

The chorus concludes its 50th anniversary in June, with Benjamin Britten's War Requiem


BCCO at War Requiem concert

 BCCO at the War Requiem concert, Hertz Hall, June 2016                                                       Photo: Bill Hocker


Audience impressions from the War Requiem concert:

"It has been a while since I was so moved by a performance. It was one of the most satisfying musical events that I have ever attended."


"It was a great experience for both of us. I’ve known the piece since my first year at college and it was like revisiting an old friend. What a performance! First and foremost, the chorus sang incredibly well. Firm lines from all departments, rhythmically alive, accurate. Wonderful soloists. The orchestra played beautifully, the percussion quite exciting... The chamber group were on a very high level.... what a great conductor you have! Every minute was absolutely riveting. It was a very moving experience."


"BCCO was wonderful last night, really thrilling and most impressively performed."


"It was an extraordinary performance. Being there just brought us incredible energy and showed the crashing of the powers that be. This chorus piece was the most unusual that you all have done but it touched me deeply."


"I was deeply moved by the concert this weekend. For me, it seemed to be a breach in the beauty of the presentation to applaud at the end of the first-half and at the end of the concert. Britten, Owen, the choir, orchestra, Ming and all of the other components brought me to a point of understanding a small amount of the tremendous grief and abject horror that folks have gone thru with war. This is, of course, just what Owen and Britten wanted.
I was so connected to the souls and the hearts of the people in the story that I did not want to break that spell by making noise with my hands." 


Our upcoming concert:

W.A. Mozart Requiem Mass in D minor
Luigi Cherubini Requiem Mass in C minor

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Concert dates:

 January 6, 7, 8, 2017, Hertz Hall, UC Berkeley Campus